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Our Story


Nigel Street began working in the marine coating industry in the 1990's. 

With over 25 years experience, he has a proven track record of delivering high quality marine finishing for discerning international clients in the domains of Classic and Luxury yachting,

His rigorous approach and high level of technical skill have been conscientiously transmitted to sons Ben and Sam who joined the company in 2017.

Nigel became a Registered Marine Coatings Inspector in 2023.

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Prestige Peinture
 The Difference

  • A resolute adherence to the highest professional and technical standards in the application of marine coatings.

  • A professionally trained and well established team accustomed to working together to meet deadlines and exacting standards.

  • Active communication and coordination with shipyards and other tradesmen to meet shared objectives.

  • Access to our network of trusted specialists in the marine industry.

  • A refusal to compromise on quality or the wishes of our clients.

  • A culture of excellence with a rare attention to detail.

  • A shared passion for the preservation of maritime heritage

  • A bespoke scaffolding and tenting service for precise control of the application environment by our fully qualified team.


Profession qualifications held in accordance with french labour laws:

  • Monter, Vérifier, Réceptionner, Utiliser et Réaliser la Maintenance des échafaudage de pied,

  • Monter, Vérifier, Réceptionner, Utiliser et Réaliser la Maintenance des échafaudage roulant,

  • Sécurité Cocons, travaux en milieux confiné - option navale,

  • Intervention en access difficile - Cordiste

  • Prévention et Secours Civiques Niveau 1

Some of our Past Projects :

Arcadia, Alatair, Stormy Weather, White Wings, Manitou, Alges, Fairlie, Halloween, Pegasus, Esmeralda, Lion Heart, Atlantide, Cielo, Rahal, United Spirit, Mila III, Camilia, Lucky Dream, Coral Island, Alfa Nero, Lion Cub, Kijo, Matares, Outlaw, Troyanda, Triton, La Masquerade, Blue Game, Kalinga, La Desirade

Professionals we work with

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