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OTechnical Advisory Committee

 For the discerning Owner of the Classic Yacht that merits the very best. 


Official Sponsors

Rigorous and highly skilled with over 25 years of experience working with many renowned classic yachts.


Masters of our craft, we offer a singular high quality solution for all aspects of finishing:


   - paint application spray

            - paint application roll and tip

           - varnish interior and exterior


Simplify and maximise the organisation of valuable yard time with outstanding results .


What our clients say :



Classic Sailing Yacht from 1937

"Sailing Yacht’s are well renowned for needing plenty of maintenance year on year and Manitou is no exception.

With the hull made from Mahogany planking, and soft seams between the planks, this makes for an extremely difficult surface to paint.

Since Manitou arrived in France in 2011, we have had Nigel and his team at Prestige Peinture carry out our painting needs. 

Whether sprayed or applied with a roller and a brush, the finish is always immaculate and done on time with a smile !

I can honestly say, after 15 years living and working in the area, that there is no better solution to Yacht Painting than Prestige Peinture! We will definitely be using them again and I would happily recommend them to others…"

Captain :Alex Tilleray
Owner: Hamish Easton

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